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Chicken Drumsticks

Chicken Drumsticks

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Get a handle on your next meal with this perennial favorite! Packages have 4 drumsticks per package

These chickens were grown by our family on pasture with complete freedom of movement inside and outside in our movable coop, guarded by one of our livestock Guardian dogs. 

By feeding non-Gmo feed nightly, our chickens are encouraged to explore the pasture during the day giving them plenty of exercise, sunshine and fresh air. This makes the our chicken some of the cleanest tasting, healthiest and most delicious you will find. 

Pickup on-farm pickup or at one of pickup locations or farmer's markets is available in the checkout area along with available dates and are always free.

Home deliveries are free for orders over $50. Our home delivery route runs between Leslie and Little Rock Arkansas. Delivery dates are in the checkout area. Check with us if you are outside this area, we might be able to meet or deliver when we are heading your way. 

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